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Our Story
Seven Guiding Principles
Our Unique Proposition
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The Majic Touch: Transforming Transportation

Our Story


Once upon a time, Majic emerged from private enterprise into the world of public transportation. With a bag full of marketing strategies and planning concepts, the transformation began—one system at a time. With a majic touch, public transportation received a shiny new image. The buses carried the people where they need to go and the trains were filled with happy commuters. Funding flowed.

We are Majic. Our promise is to improve the value, service, and image of transportation alternatives and raise public transportation to its rightful place as an integral part of the community.

Established in 2002, Majic Consulting Group is a full service boutique agency and professional consulting practice specializing in providing management, marketing and planning services to public transportation and related industries. Since that time, we have partnered with over 50 transportation providers and planning agencies to make public transportation a better, more vital fixture in the community. Our client list includes a variety of transit operators from Alaska to Wisconsin. These range from small local one-bus Dial-A-Rides to local and regional fixed routes to large urban operations.


Seven Guiding Principles

We will adhere to the highest code of ethics and be straightforward and honest in all our business dealings even if it may put us at a temporary disadvantage.

As professionals, we continually strive to be abreast of current happenings in the transportation industry and in the fields of marketing, management, training, and planning. We seek opportunities to enhance both the industry and our profession.

Customer Focus
We will embrace each client's special and unique needs and circumstances and provide each one with individual and personal attention.

Social Responsibility
With success comes responsibility—the responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities we serve and provide opportunities for others to achieve their full potential.

We develop every communication, graphic or written, to be easy to understand and to clearly relay the message plainly and concisely.

360 Degree View
Recognizing that no entity operates in a vacuum, we will consider all environmental, social, and political forces that may impact our client, its operations, and our recommendations.

Our work reflects a thorough knowledge of the subject, creativity in the approach, and attention to detail. 


Our Unique Proposition

What makes Majic Consulting Group unique from other consulting firms?

Our Focus
We specialize in the transportation industry, with an emphasis on driving improved effectiveness and efficiency. It's all we do. Using our marketing, planning, and management expertise to help our clients is our passion.

Our Commitment
We are committed to helping our clients achieve their visions. We realize that each community, each operating environment, and each organization is unique. We embrace each client's mission as our own.

Our Solutions
We customize marketing and planning strategies and programs to solve each client's unique concerns. Our solutions are derived from the best practices at leading companies in many industries, creatively adapted to the distinct requirements of our transportation-related clients.

Our Expertise
With experience in both the public and private sectors of the transportation industry, encompassing staff and line management positions, we provide practical recommendations for our clients and the know-how to implement those recommendations.

Our Insights
Our innovative research techniques provide exceptional customer insights, so strategies and actionable programs are grounded in facts—not mere gut feel.


The Team

Our team includes professionals with hands-on experience in public transportation management, marketing, legislative analysis and planning. In addition to public sector experience, our team members have held management positions in a wide array of private sector companies, from Fortune 100 corporations to small entrepreneurial enterprises. Drawing upon this combination of expertise, we take innovative and creative solutions that have proven successful in other industries, and integrate them with our first-hand knowledge of public transportation and its unique characteristics—transforming them into optimal solutions for our public transportation clients.

Our team has earned numerous awards for the innovative promotion of public transportation services, including:

  • Seven (7) American Public Transportation Association (APTA) First Place ADWHEEL Awards
  • APTA Grand Prize ADWHEEL Award
  • Three (3) Transportation Marketing & Communications Association (TMCA) Compass Awards
  • Radio Advertiser's First Place Award
  • Multiple regional and national awards

Read our Team Bios.


Belynda Johnson, Managing Director

Belynda entered the world of public transportation after 18 years with one of the country's largest oil companies, which was a major supplier to the industry. She managed a variety of functions including marketing administration, advertising, capital projects, and marketing analysis. Her last position was Director of Business Strategy and Analysis.

Commuting 38 miles daily to downtown Los Angeles, Belynda realized how public transportation could be improved by applying the many of the same strategies and tactics that made her company the #1 gasoline retailer on the West Coast. After serving for three years on the local commuter advisory council, she was recruited to manage marketing and customer relations department at Metrolink, Southern California's commuter rail service.

In 2000, she began providing marketing, planning, and management assistance to other public transportation providers, eventually forming Majic Consulting Group in 2002. Her work has earned national recognition and major industry awards. Major accomplishments include the successful launch of several new services, performance and management reviews, and transit development and feasibility studies.

Belynda attended Texas Tech University and has a Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California.


Social Responsibility

One of our guiding principles is social responsibility. As such, each employee is encouraged to give back to their communities and to help others. Our firm and staff have provided support, both financial and volunteerism, for the following organizations that help others achieve a better life. Please visit the websites to learn more how these organizations a making the world a better place for all of us.

Heifer International ( helps people obtain a sustainable source of food and income by providing impoverished families with training and livestock, whose offsprings they in turn give to others in their community to multiply the opportunity.

Donors Choose ( provides funds for educational projects in our public schools. We select projects to give back to the communities of our clients.

The Gentle Barn ( rescues, rehabilitates, and gives sanctuary to abused animals. Through interaction with their animals people learn reverence for all life.

Help The Children (

Santa Clarita Food Pantry (